Here at Joshua’s we ensure that not only do your children have the best possible haircut they want, but they have fun during the process. This is what Joshua’s is all about.

Our highly trained staff know exactly how to deal with children and ensure that their experience of the hairdresser is a pleasurable one. The wonderful welcoming ambience of the shop is a clever way of ensuring this.

At Joshua’s we are aware that busy mothers and fathers can often bring more than one child to the salon. Any possibility of boredom, therefore, is avoided through the large stock of books and toys that are always available to keep the children entertained and occupied.

There is even flat screen TVs with DVDs abd videos on hand, plus a stock of balloons, stickers, lollipops and sweets to rewards children as they leave the shop.

For children, having a joshua’s haircut is a fun experience.

But Joshua’s is not just for children, we also cater for men who are in search of a trim. There is a separate area for this but the welcome is still as warm and the service just as efficient.

We look forward to meeting you when you visit Joshua’s.

Joanne Joshua’s
Salon Manager